Since our inception, themarketACE consulting Group has been focused on building a strategic, quality consulting service.

A business is limited to the efficiencies it possesses - be it personnel or technology. The world around you is changing, your approach should too! 

themarketACE helps investment managers achieve their true potential by making all else around the decision making as smooth as possible. Speak to one of our members today to discuss how we may be able to help your business!

With extensive experience in the Fin-Tech space Umair brings a wealth of knowledge to tech implementations as well as business processes within the investment management community.

Umair has over 10 years of experience within the Financial Service Industry. One of the greatest aspects that led Umair in setting up themarketACE was the lack of transparency within the e-OMS space of IT Solutions. Most investment managers are sold a dream of a fully functioning product that might not necessarily realise in their future operational plans. 

He has extensive experience in Project Management / Implementations that brings a vision of best fit solutions to life for the Investment Management community so you can focus primarily on your core business whilst not having to worry about choosing the best fit solution for you. 

Umair Asif


Bilal Riaz


Bilal, our Sales Director has great knowledge of B2B selling and brings a fresh consulting perspective to the review process.

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